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    FREE Sitala Virtual Drum Instrument Released by Decomposer


    Decomposer has announced Sitala, a free VST/AU and standalone virtual drum instrument for MacOS and Windows.

    Sitala free drum plugin is in alpha stage, as such, bugs are expected. I took it to a spin within FL Studio and so far I didn’t find any glitches.

    Basically, Sitala is a sample-based drum plugin with 4 main controlsĀ applicable to each drum pad: shape, compression, tuning and volume. The shape control sweeps across from a short glitchy envelope, over to one with the attack rolled off. Both the shape and compression do gain compensation by restoring the RMS peak of the processed sample so that you can tweak them without having to rework the mix.

    There are 16 drum pads in total, each with a drum or percussion sample, such as kick, snare, bell, conga, hi-hats, etc. At the moment, the instrument comes with only two kits, an 808 and a 909, but the author intends to add more sounds once Sitala gets closer to a 1.0 version.

    Sitala is available for MacOS (standalone and VST), as well as for Windows 32 and 64bit (standalone, VST).

    More info and download at Decomposer website.

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