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    Ben Burnes Releases FREE Homemade Piezo Springbox Sample Pack


    Ben Burnes has announced the release of Homemade Piezo Springbox, a free pack featuring 100 samples in WAV format.

    This sample pack contains over 100 original samples created using a homemade piezo spring box. The box may look cheap, but I was really surprised at the wide variety of sounds that you can generate with it.

    These samples were lightly processed to remove extremely low-end rumble and compressed to even out the overall volume. There is still plenty of dynamic range to mess with. :)

    Homemade Piezo Springbox contains metallic clanks, boings, taps, scrapes, and other unique sounds perfect for background rhythmic additions or sound design. Also included are recordings of the spring box run through various insane guitar effect pedals.

    The sample pack can be downloaded for free if you insert “0” in the price field. Feel free to donate, if you want to support the author.

    More info and download at Ben Burnes Gumroad.

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