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    5,900+ Drum Samples for Just £1.10 at Wave Alchemy!


    Wave Alchemy has announced 98% off Synth Drum, a sample pack featuring over 5,900 one-shot drums collected from legendary synthesizers.

    Ten vintage synthesizers were used to create a ground-breaking drum library, Wave Alchemy’s most comprehensive and intricately designed to date. Synth Drums incorporates all-time classic analogue machines with modern high-end processing hardware and production techniques.

    There are over 5,900 cutting edge, totally unique drum samples and percussive hits, each carefully crafted by hand, on a sound-by-sound basis.

    Hre is the list of hardware synths used:

    • Roland Jupiter 8
    • Roland System-100 (101, 102, 104)
    • Sequential Circuits Prophet 5 Rev 2
    • Sequential Circuits Pro One
    • Korg MS-20
    • ARP Odyssey MK1
    • Moog Minimoog Model D
    • Oberheim OB8
    • Roland Juno 106
    • Roland SH-09

    All samples are recorded in 24-bit WAV format. Also, the drum kits folder contains a number of ready-to-play drum kits for popular sampler software.

    The £1.10 promotion ends 31st of May, 2018. More info at Wave Alchemy website.

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