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    Ldaysynths Releases FREE Eightysix VSTi Synthesizer


    Ldaysynths returns after a very long time with Eightysix, a free VSTi synthesizer for DAW’s running on Windows.

    The instrument plugin is only available as 32bit VST plugin, but can be loaded in 64bit DAW’s using jBridge or similar software. A 64bit version of Eightysix is not planned for the near future. However, it deserves to be tested, especially as its features are quite appealing:

    • 6 voice polyphonic synthesizer
    • 2 VCO’s with TRIANGLE/RAMP waves and free tuning and SYNC
    • 1 SUB VCO with SAW/SQUARE waves and free tuning
    • 2 LFO’s with SINE/SAW/RAMP/SQUARE/RANDOM optional Temposync
    • ADSR envelope and filter ADSR
    • resonance Filter with LOWPASS/HIPASS in 12db and 24db
    • direct modulation routings
    • additional chorus, ping-pong delay, amplitude overdrive and phrase arpeggiator
    • A440 tuning oscillator
    • 14 included presets

    Eightysix can be used in electronica, synthwave, electropop, EDM or experimental. Here are two demos to make an idea about its sound:

    You can download the free instrument at Ldaysynths (registration not required).

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