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    FREE Marcel Studio TOM Synthesizer Brings the Sound of Horror Movies of the 60’s


    Marcel Studios has released TOM, a free VST synthesizer plugin for Windows, “mix between Thérémin, the ondium Martenot and a little something that does not exist”.

    We took pallet wood, worn metal, tired electronic components, a keyboard that lived a lot, and old buttons that miraculously hold. And here is TOM!

    A synth that sounds like the material used!

    You’ll be able to create sounds worthy of the science fiction and horror movies of the 60’s. It’s time for you to become the sound illustrator of Ray Bradbury, H.G Wells and others.

    TOM’s sound takes inspiration from the ondium Martenot (ondes Martenot), an early electronic musical instrument invented in 1928 by Maurice Martenot. The look doesn’t make a discordant note, is placed in the same era with its vintage feel, combination of old wood and metal, outworn keys yellowed by time.

    The interface is split into three tabs – Main, Presets and Settings. Main tab incorporates the selector with 4 wave types, pitch, “Ghost” & “Voice” switches, equalizer, reverb and delay modules, as well as vibrato, glide and simple amplitude envelope. Next tab brings some presets to showcase the potential of the synth and all its features. Of course, you can save your own sounds there. The last tab opens settings such as output, buffer size, sample rate, MIDI channel(s) selector etc.

    Marcel Studios’ TOM is suitable for ambient music, experimental, electronica – anywhere you need a little drama, restlessness and why not, terror. In general, the plugin is a little unstable, but is saved by the look, sound and its wow factor. All summed up definitely make it a keeper.

    Download the instrument plugin at Marcel Studios (Windows VST 32bit/64bit, registration is required).

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