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    W. A. Production Releases SphereDelay Multimode Delay Effect Plugin

    Plugin Boutique has announced the launch of SphereDelay, an innovative multimode delay effect plugin for Windows and Mac OS X.

    This effect plugin is developed for those who want something more when working with effects. No longer will you have to rely on basic delay presets found inside your DAW.

    SphereDelay has a sleek and easy workflow and will add new depth to your sound with a wide variety of customisation features that are unique and limitless.

    The following features will spice up your instruments and add new depth and dimensions to your mix:

    • Variable State Filter – (High-Pass, Low-Pass, Band-Pass) stereo linked 24db/oct self-oscillating filter
    • Saturation – Analog Tape Style Saturation, to get the warm classic sound of a real Tape Delay
    • 4 Delay Modes (Mono, Stereo, Ping-Pong, Ping-Pong Separate)
    • Envelope Follower – to modulate the filter cutoff and the delay time
    • LFO – with variable waveforms to modulate the filter cutoff and the delay time
    • BPM Sync – The delay time and the LFO frequency can be synced to your project tempo to create rhythmic effects.

    SphereDelay comes with a sleek design with an interface that pops out and makes navigation easy and fast. The idea behind SphereDelay was to allow users to get into customising their delay effects. Allowing customisation in an effect like delay can allow its users to create a personalised and unique sound.

    SphereDelay is available in the following plugin formats: AAX, AU, VST/VST3 for Mac OS X and AAX, VST/VST3 for Windows.

    SphereDelay has an introductory sale price of £6.95/$9 at Plugin Boutique 31st March (RRP is £69.95/$99).

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