EQ550 Equalizer Plugin FREE for Limited Time (Worth $139)

Overloud have announced that, for one week only, every day they’re giving away 1,000 free copies of their EQ550 equalizer plugin for Windows and MacOS.

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The new Overloud EQ550 plugin recreates the tone of a legendary Proportional Q equalizer, while extending its original features. This means the bandwidth of the filters becomes narrow when the gain of the filter increases.

For low gain settings, the EQ delivers a smoother tone: its character becomes more and more aggressive when the bands gain band is raised. This design makes the EQ550 unique.

The main features of Overloud EQ550 are:

  • Hyper-realistic simulation of the original Proportional Q equalizer, thanks to the 4th generation DSP technology
  • 5 bands eq: 2 shelving/peaking, 2 peaking, 1 bandpass
  • Individual band Cue
  • Continuous frequency selection
  • Simulation of all transformers in the original unit
  • Low CPU usage: more than 1,500 instances on a MacBook Pro Retina
  • Multilevel undo-redo
  • A/B Comparison
  • Lots of presets designed in real mixing sessions
  • Scribble Strips: take notes anywhere on the plugin panel

Get one of the 1,000 free licenses/day now! The offer is valid for 1 week only, starting from today, March 12th until Sunday, March 18th. After the promo period, the regular price will be $139.

More info and download at Overloud website.

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