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    LoopLords Release FREE Electro Pop Drum Kits


    LoopLords have announced the release of Electro Pop Drum Kits, a free sample pack featuring drum shots in WAV format.

    Here’s what LoopLords say about their pack:

    “Electro Drum Kits is a small collection of high-quality drum samples suited for electronic pop music. Each sample has been trimmed and edited to perfection and are ready to use in your music productions.

    Electro Pop Drum Kits is provided free of charge. However, donations are welcome.”

    There are 6 electro-pop/urban drum kits inside, totalling 47 samples recorded in 24-bit 44.1kHz WAV audio quality. All samples are royalty free.

    Another new release at LoopLords is Midnight Piano, an intimate acoustic piano that doesn’t require a supercomputer to run. Midnight Piano is both rich sounding and easy to use. All the notes of a Yamaha grand piano have been sampled at multiple velocities to give you the sound and versatility you’re looking for in a virtual piano. It costs only $19 at LoopLords.

    More info and download links on the LoopLords website.

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