223 FREE Samples from 1970s Moog Minimoog Synthesizer

Legowelt has announced the release of a free sample pack containing 223 samples captured from his 1970s Moog Minimoog synthesizer.

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Something to survive the easter egg onslaught with 223 samples from my 1970s Moog Minimoog synthesizer Serial number 5529. Including all the noise, dust, crackle, unstableness and sheer uncorrupted walnut-wooden sensuality, you can get with a real MINIMOOG. All in 16-bit WAV format! Use its brute discrete analog power in your own sampler!

For those who don’t know the MiniMoog is probably one of the most famous synthesizers ever – first rolling out of the factory in the early 70s.

The samples are available for free, instant download (108.9MB). They’re royalty free.

More info and download at Legowelt.

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