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    SampleScience Player FREE ROMpler Plugin with 200 Playable Instruments Released


    Canadian plugin developer Pierre Parenteau returns with SampleScience Player, a free/donationware ROMpler plugin with 200 playable instrument patches.

    SampleScience Player mostly consists of bread and butter sounds gathered from the public domain, CC 3.0 with attribution or made strictly for music production. The license for each sound is written on their respective GUIs. The public domain sounds can be used in commercial productions without any restrictions, but the CC 3.0 with attribution will require, of course, attributions.

    The sounds are classified into categories including basses, brasses, drums, ethnic, keys, orchestra, percussions, strings, vocals and winds. Each instrument interface sports ADSR envelope, multi LFO, HiP/LP filter, velocity amp range controls, as well as glide in mono voice mode. As effects, there is a simple reverb module included.

    The SampleScience Player is offered as freeware/donationware. If you wish, you can donate any amount of your choice; if you want it for free, just enter “0” in the price field. Plugin versions available are 32- and 64-bit VST/AU for Windows and Mac.

    More info and download on the SampleScience website.

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