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    MSG Dreamscape, Punch Evolved and Nebula Space Reverb Are Only $1 This Weekend!


    This weekend only, three Minimal System Group effect plugins – Dreamscape, Punch Evolved and Nebula Space Reverb, are only $1 at Plugin Boutique.

    Dreamscape is a musical reverb based on an original concept that excels in analogue warmth at extremely low CPU usage. Dreamscape is a true stereo reverb with possibilities far beyond the conventional.

    Simply browse the factory presets for a comprehensive showcase of what it can do. Unlike conventional algorithmic reverbs, Dreamscape does not need separate plate, hall, and room algorithms. Instead, it features a comprehensive yet intuitive parameter set that allows you to easily recreate any given reverb characteristic, leaving you free to create lush smooth vocal reverbs, convincing room simulations, almost infinite reverb tails, synth pad and delay effects, and everything in between.

    Punch Compressor is one of Minimal System Group most popular and respected plugins. Punch is an up-to-date version of one of the all-time classic analogue compression and limiting processors, the 1176AE.

    The new Punch Evolved plugin takes this highly respected processor even further with a completely redesigned engine and the addition of new sound shaping features such as Mid/Side processing, EQ, and Gate sections.

    Nebula is a custom-designed reverb and ambient generator and can be used to create standard reverb effects but it really excels when used to create stunning atmospheric sounds from something as simple as a single drum hit. When used with more complex loops and sounds the possibilities are endless.

    Nebula is a true labour of love for Minimal System Group and they are confident this is reflected in the quality of the plugin both in terms of sound and control and also visually.

    The $1 offer on these plugins is valid until February 5th, 2018, on the Plugin Boutique website.

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