FREE Mini-G VST Instrument Synthesizer

Infected Sounds has announced that is releasing free to anyone its Mini-G synthesizer instrument plugin for Windows (previously $15).

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Mini-G is a powerful synthesizer emulating the legendary Minimoog. It is aimed at all kind of music styles, but mostly for dance music. Mini-G can make fat basslines, leads, plucks and many other useful sounds.

Here are the main features of Mini-G:

  • preset manager with 64 presets
  • 3 morph oscillators with range, semi, fine, env, and 16 shapes for each oscillator
  • 2 sync for oscillator 2 and 3
  • 2 filter envelopes
  • 2 filter envelope destinations
  • 2 filter envelope amounts
  • amp envelope
  • 2 routable LFO’s with depth speed phase sync, also 16 shapes + 3 slopes and S&H
  • overdrive
  • noise with white and pink mode
  • portamento with legato and slide mode
  • coarse tune
  • velocity
  • fatner with detune
  • filter with cutoff, reso, key and 12dB, 24dB with LP, HP, BP, BYP
  • master fine tune
  • hold option
  • pitch wheel with range
  • mod wheel with destinations
  • poly up to 12 voices
  • aftertouch
  • equalizer, phaser, chorus and reverb effects

Mini-G is a 32-bit VST plugin for Windows (64-bit VST will be released soon).

You can download Mini-G at Infected Sounds.

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