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    Get 90% off SoundSpot’s Latest Creative Plugin Axis via Plugin Boutique


    Plugin Boutique has announced the launch of SoundSpot’s latest creative plugin Axis, with a 90% off introductory sale.

    Axis is a powerful new multiband compressor and imaging plugin that you can buy for only £13/$13 for a limited time only.

    When you’re mixing or mastering music, sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where you need to manipulate the audio in a way that falls outside the realms of what a conventional plugin can do, and with this in mind SoundSpot set out to create a plugin that can solve this problem.

    Introducing the Axis… The Axis is a combination of two of their most popular plugins, the MSW1 & Propane with the addition of a brand new upwards and downwards compressor that is capable of dual directional compression which can be both subtle and brutal. But it doesn’t end there! We’ve made the whole unit multiband, for complete control over the incoming signal, allowing you to manipulate the audio to get punch, clarity, groove or sparkle without the need to load up a huge number of individual plugins.

    The Axis linear phase has been made to be lightweight, so go wild… The only limit is your imagination.

    Get 90% off Soundspot Axis!

    Axis is available in VST/AU/AAX plugin versions for DAW’s running under Windows and Mac OS X.

    Soundspot Axis costs £13/$13 at Plugin Boutique. The promo is valid until April 2, 2018.

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