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    FREE Yocto2 Drum Samples Released by Sean Hanni


    Sean Hanni has announced the release of a collection of drum samples captured from Yocto2 drum machine (clone of the legendary Roland TR-808).

    This is a pack of samples from the Yocto2 I just finished building. All sounds are 100% dry and straight out of the machine. This is a clone of the Roland TR-808 (and the Boss PC-2) so these are essentially “pure” 808 sounds. I’ve also included a longer audio clip of the PC-2 sounds. This thing has a wide range of tones you can pull from it so I just tweaked knobs and mashed my drum pad while I recorded to see what I could get from it. Chop it up all you like!

    I’m not charging for this sample pack but donations will go towards more builds and more sample packs! Your support is very appreciated! :D

    All samples are recorded in 24-bit WAV format and are royalty free.

    The sample pack is available on the Gumroad platform. To download it for free, just add “0” in the price field; if you want to donate, you know the drill, just replace the zero with any sum you wish.

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