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    324 Records Releases FREE Drumbrute Arturia & DRM1 Vermona Samples


    324 Records have announced the release of two free collections of samples captured from Drumbrute Arturia & DRM1 Vermona analogue drum machines.

    Drumbrute Arturia Micro Pack contains 95 high-quality samples, recorded by 324 Records from their own Drumbrute. In addition to the one-shot hits, they have also added 20 inspiration loops to get you going right away, as well as an Ableton drum rack preset. In detail, expect 19 kicks, 8 hats, 28 snares & claps, 28 percussions and 12 miscellaneous samples.

    DRM1 Vermona Micro Pack brings 102 high-quality samples, recorded in 324 Records’ studio with the DRM1 drum machine. DRM1 Vermona is well-known for its minimalistic kick, metallic sounds and percussions. With this download, you will receive its specific sound, split into 19 kicks, 42 percussions and 29 miscellaneous sounds. Same as the previous pack, 20 bonus loops are added.

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    All the samples are recorded in 24-bit WAV format, 24-bit/44,1kHz and are royalty free. In order to download them, a valid email address is required.

    More info about the freebies on the 324 Records website.

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