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    HoRNet Releases Angle FREE “Smooth Tonal Shaping” Effect Plugin


    HoRNet has released Angle free tone shaper effect plugin, based on the “tilt eq”, a concept designed to change the tonal balance of the track to which is applied.

    A “tilt eq” does not provide frequency or Q control, it simply increases or decreases high and low frequencies around a fixed point, and in the case of HoRNet Angle is 650Hz, turning the “Angle” knob on the GUI towards right increases the right part of the spectrum (the high frequencies) while lowering the left part (low frequencies) of the same amount. This simple action allow performing very gentle tonal shaping that can help you get the correct frequency balance of your mix with very little effort.

    HoRNet Angle also adds the standard HoRNet goodies, we have added input and output auto gain based around the 0VU level, leaving them engaged may help you keep the level constant while you tweak the EQ. HoRNet Angle also has the “OpAmp” analog emulation derived directly from our AnalogStage plugin that adds harmonics and makes the sound “thicker” when enabled.

    Angle is offered in Audio Units VST2.4, VST3 and AAX formats, 32 and 64-bit compatibility, for both Mac and Windows. In order to download it, a “Tweet” or “Share” are required.

    More information on the HoRNet website.

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