FREE Xfer Serum Pack Winter 2017 by Francis Preve

Francis Preve has released Free Xfer Serum Pack (Winter 2017), a free sound set created by students at Austin Community College.

This year, the final project for my Synthesis 2 course at Austin Community College focused on preset design for Xfer Serum. For the assignment, students developed presets for each of the following categories: Bass, Pad, Lead, and Pluck.

With their permission, I’m sharing the results as a free download for Serum fans. Of the submissions, these are the best examples – assembled in a downloadable pack consisting of 25 presets covering a wide variety of genres and design approaches.

Additionally, each student’s name is included in every preset, so if you like any of the patches, you’ll know who created it.

I also added two original presets based on wavetables created from snowflake and Xmas tree graphics, because of holidays.

Free Xfer Serum Pack (Winter 2017) is available as free download on the Francis Preve website.

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