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    W. A. Production Releases ComBear FREE Parallel Compressor Plugin

    W. A. Production has announced the release of ComBear, a free parallel compressor effect plugin for Windows and Mac OS.

    ComBear is a powerful and dynamic parallel compression effect plugin suitable for drums, synths, vocals etc. Although it is not specified anywhere, this plugin wants to be a replica of Dada Life’s Sausage Fattener.

    ComBear is packed full of incredible features like; Compress, Mix, Input Gain, Make-Up Gain and Bypass. By adjusting the Compress knob, you increase the Parallel Compression that ComBear adds to the element from value 0 to 100. Bypass ComBear’s effects on an element by flipping the Bypass switch, correct the Make-Up Gain that is altered based on how much compression you add to the element by adjusting the Make-Up Gain, adjust how much gain comes in from the element by adjusting the Input Gain and finally adjust how much of ComBear you hear on the element with the Mix knob. The Idea behind this plugin was of course Parallel Compression.

    The main way ComBear can be used is to add the plugin to a certain element then have the ability to compress that element pretty hard, and then mix this harshly compressed element with a duplicate of the element that is not compressed. This tactic brings a bold, delightful and intense sound to any and all elements of the production. ComBear is a must-have tool in the production world and is something any and all producers should look into investing in.

    You can download ComBear on Plugin Boutique website. Speaking of Plugin Boutique, they also host a huge sale on some of W. A. Production fantastic audio processing plugins, from Pumper and the Helper Series for only £1/$1. You can also download their Pumper: Christmas 2017 Sounds Samples, Serum & Massive presets for £1/$1. Get the bargains now!

    W. A. Production has also announced the release of a collection of two FL Studio templates plus their respective MIDI’s and synth presets to be used in other DAW’s.

    Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas! To celebrate 2017 Xmas we’ve prepared for you these two amazing FL Studio templates – both provided with MIDI + Sylenth1, Spire & Serum Presets, so also non-FL Studio users will be able to use it!

    During the next 2 weeks we have MANY great things ready for you, so stay tuned!

    Download the FLP files on the W. A. Production website.

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