750MB of FREE Beats, Basslines, Melodies, Percussion Released by TB Arthur

TB Arthur has announced the release of Je Parle SAMPLES, a royalty free sound library filled with drum loops, melodies, percussions, basslines and more.

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Je Parle SAMPLES collection was created by TB Arthur in his analog studio in Berlin. It contains over 750MB of inspiration – beats, basslines, melodics, percussion, effects and even more surprises – for building your own original tracks.

An interview from Japan’s “Sound And Recording” Magazine, with studio photos of vintage analog equipment used by the artist, is also included as a PDF. The sound library is delivered as a bonus zip file, containing 24 bit, 44.1Khz, stereo WAV’s recorded at 125 BPM.

Je Parle SAMPLES is a free download, just enter “0” in the “name your price” field. If you want to donate and support the artist, just enter any price.

More information and download at TB Arthur website.

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