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    Free Stagecraft Infinity Synthesizer Exclusively at Reverb (VST/AU)


    The good guys at Reverb.com are offering Stagecraft’s Infinity sample-based instrument synthesizer for free, plus a $25 credit for purchasing additional presets.

    Infinity is an expressive, sample-based synthesizer from Stagecraft, utilizing Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression. It comes with an impressive library of 1,200 presets and access to downloadable sample banks, featuring Reverb exclusive patches.

    A sample-based synth designed for maximum expressiveness, this new synth is designed to give you high-quality sounds right out of the box. It comes with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a professional sample-based synth, including ADSR envelopes, effects chaining, filters, Mods, velocity and aftertouch support; as well as a few more unique and advanced features like fully configurable parameter automation, drill down effects controls, a high definition spectrum display, MPE compatibility.

    Infinity is connected to an online marketplace with tons of sample banks, so you can build your library to include only the sounds you want. If you register (using the inbuilt login window), you will receive a $25 worth of credits to spend on extra patches. If you want a truly expansive library, you can purchase more credits and download additional sample banks.

    Infinity is available for free at Reverb.com (32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin for Windows and Mac).

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    1. The “impressive library of 1,200 presets” only means patches you can buy… for 1$ each. After installing it and checking out patches for 5 minutes, I wasn’t able to find one to like. Worst of all, there is no uninstall option. Conclusion, with all the respect to the developer: it still needs a lot of work before expecting people to pay something for those patches.
      For me it was just a waste of time followed by even more time wasting, while having to remove everything it changed in my computer. Very disappointing. :(

    2. As to me, the synth has definitly some strong points: I found a number of realy nice patches for me, D50-like patches also sound convincing, GUI is attractive and intuitively clear.
      At that there are also several weak points:
      – weak optimization – eats up to much CPU for such the simple, sample-based, editing capabilities – the load comes up to 20-25% at my machine when playing quick passages and arpeggios, the same as fully loaded ZynAddSubFX synth, fully loaded with complex multivoiced routings (6% would be a norm)
      – glitchy and slow GUI – I even didn’t succeed to select some menu items
      – requires Internet access
      – slow patch load time.
      In conclusion, the synth is nevertheless, usable, one could easily find some nice patches (agree, not all are good), for the sure it is not suitable for putting multiple instances into project, but is good to find the patch, freeze and kill.
      As a web-based Rompler quite a good solution.

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