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    Best Deals @ Plugin Boutique Black Friday Sale – Discounts up to 99% off (Updated Daily)


    Plugin Boutique has announced the start of its Black Friday sales, offering discounts up to 90% off a wide selection of plugins, Kontakt instruments, bundles, presets and much more.

    Here are the best deals up to date, but the list will be updated daily, so consider bookmarking this page.

    Black Friday £1/$1 Deals Bundle99% OFFBlack Friday £1/$1 Deals Bundle: Hybid 3 + SoundSpot Propane + SoundSpot Overtone + SoundSpot MSW1 + SoundSpot Percolate + SoundSpot KickBox for just $7.89 (you save $437.04)

    November 29, 2017
    AirMusic Hybrid 3 + Expansions 99% off Black Friday Exclusive SaleUP TO 99% OFFGet AirMusic Hybrid 3 + all Hybrid 3 Expansions for £1/$1 during the Black Friday promotion!November 28, 2017
    AirMusic Hybrid 3 99% off Sale99% OFFBuy Hybrid 3 synthesizer by AIR Music Tech at just $1 (regular price $131)!February 10, 2018
    Plugin Boutique StereoSavage Sale40% OFFAchieve the stunning stereo your mix deserves and save 40% off StereoSavage.December 4, 2017
    Sugar Bytes Black Friday SaleUP TO 56% OFFSave up to 56% off Sugar Bytes super cool and creative instruments, effects and sequencers.November 29, 2017
    Image Line Black Friday Sale50% OFFSave 50% off the awesome Image Line instruments, effects & sequencers in the Black Friday sale.December 4, 2017
    Waves Diamond Bundle90% OFFOne of Waves' largest and most sought after bundles, Diamond, is now 90% off for a very limited amount of time. Grab over 60 plugins to add to your arsenal!November 30, 2017
    Wavesfactory Black Friday Sale50% OFFSave 50% off the fantastic Kontakt Instrument and plugin collection.December 2, 2017
    Heavyocity Black Friday SaleUP TO 50% OFFSave up to 50% off the world-class virtual instruments & dynamic processor from Heavyocity including NOVO, Gravity & PUNISH and the Reaktor Ensembles.December 1, 2017
    KV331 Audio Synthmaster ONE Sale50% OFFSynthMaster One is an easy to use wavetable synthesizer with an intuitive workflow.Save 50% off Synthmaster ONE and Crossgrades from Synthmaster & Player for a limited time only.December 1, 2017
    Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra + Expansions SaleUP TO 50% OFFSave 50% off the creative & intuitive synth Carbon Electra and diverse range of Expansion presets.December 4, 2017
    Zynaptiq Black Friday SaleUP TO 45% OFFSave up-to 45% off the innovative & inspiring Zynaptiq ADAPTIVERB & WORMHOLE plugins in our Black Friday Sale.December 1, 2017
    BeatSkillz Black Friday Sale40% OFFSave 40% off BeatSkillz cutting-edge processing plugins and virtual instruments for the modern music producer.December 1, 2017
    Celemony Melodyne Upgrade SaleUP TO 60% OFFUpgrade from any Melodyne application to Assistant, Editor or the full Studio and access the new features Melodyne has to offer.December 1, 2017
    DopeVST Black Friday SaleUP TO 60% OFFSave up to 60% off the awesome Hip-Hop & Soul virtual instruments & expansions from DopeVST in our Black Friday Sale. (Excluding Beat Machine 1.)December 4, 2017
    Soundiron Black Friday SaleUP TO 50% OFFSave up to 50% off the fantastic range of Kontakt Instruments from Soundiron including their Kontakt Player range.November 29, 2017
    Kirnu Interactive Cream Black Friday Sale60% OFFCream is an incredible MIDI arpeggiator with a mind-boggling array of MIDI-generating and manipulation systems on board.December 4, 2017
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