300+ FREE Samples and Presets at Typhonic Samples

Typhonic Samples has announced the release of Typhonic Samples Complete Package, a free collection of samples and presets for EDM producers.

At Typhonic Samples we offer all our followers free samples and presets. You can download each pack individually on our free downloads page. However, you can get everything with one single click!

We present you the Typhonic Samples Complete Package.

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The pack contains sounds taken from freeware releases as well as bits from commercial products. They’re most suitable for EDM styles including pop dance, trap, house, trance etc. Inside you will find one-shot samples (kicks, snares, hats, SFX) and presets, LFO’s & wavetables for Serum.

In order to access the download link, a Facebook “Like” or Twitter following are required. All sounds are royalty free.

More information about the pack content on the Typhonic Samples website.


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