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    Rattly And Raw Release The Simple Sampler Free Utility Instrument for Kontakt


    Rattly And Raw have announced the release of The Simple Sampler, an amazing utility instrument that lets you drag & map samples across the keyboard, as well as edit them directly from the GUI.

    The Simple Sampler works on the Kontakt platform and is ideally suited for untuned samples or sound effects, but can work well with the right choice of tuned sounds too. It saves a lot of time and is fun to use. The next video shows on a funny note what is all about.

    From top to bottom we find a “current key” bar which aligns with the Kontakt keyboard below, then follow 4 parameter editors for pitch, velocity, fade out and sample start. These parameters can be set either individually or globally, also there’s a reset button for each. Pitch and velocity have dedicated randomize buttons.

    To import samples, simply open Kontakt’s backend and drag your samples into the mapping editor. Return to the interface and click Scan Samp, then hit any key from the keyboard/controller and The Simple Sampler will scan the mapping of the samples on the keyboard and highlight keys that contain a sample. You may want to select the Use Event Vel button if you use a MIDI controller and want velocity to correlate with the way you press the keys.

    There are also a global ADSR envelope and a global bit crusher effect module to add crunch to the samples. To save your work, just use the built-in Kontakt Snapshot function and save as many different setups of The Simple Sampler as you need.

    The Simple Sampler works with a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt (free Player version is not supported).

    Download the sampler instrument at Rattly And Raw website.

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