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    Michael Picher Releases 8-Bit Chip v2 Free Chiptune SFZ Instrument


    Composer Michael Picher has announced the release of version 2 of his 8-Bit Chip, a free chiptune SFZ instrument for Plogue Sforzando or other similar SFZ sample players.

    Michael Picher tells the main goal was to create something that is first friendly to a musician, rather than a programmer. From the author himself:

    Traditionally, 8-bit music is created in what can be described as a spreadsheet-like environment, where pitches and effects are coded one at a time. My idea was to put all the major 8-bit voices (Pulse 50%/25%/12%, Triangle, and Noise) into a single piano keyboard setup, allowing any musician to easily start writing some chiptune goodness.

    The instrument is delivered in SFZ format, being optimized for the popular Plogue Sforzando; if you don’t have it yet, download it for free here.

    8-Bit Chip sports a simple keyboard layout and features “Legato” effect, as well as vibrato, tremolo, slide (portamento), attack, and release controls. The second version brings the following changes and additions:

    • New and more accurate-sounding samples;
    • Added additional controls (Attack, Release, Vibrato Speed, Vibrato Depth, Tremolo Speed, Tremolo Depth, Slide (Portamento) Speed & Octave Shift;
    • Added velocity sensitivity (replaced individual wave volume controls);
    • Separate SFZ files for each wave type, in addition to one that combines all waves into a single keyboard layout;
    • You can choose between monophonic and polyphonic voices;
    • “Legato” effect, for smoother transitions;
    • Added various Noise wave samples (replaced generic Noise wave).

    You can download 8-Bit Chip for free on Michael Picher website.

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