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    Wavosaur Launches Rave Generator 2 Free ROMpler/Sampler Instrument Plugin (VST/AU)


    Wavosaur announces that Rave Generator VST by DJ CSI has been updated to version 2, bringing a lot of improvements and fixes.

    Rave Generator 2 is a free rompler VST synth, containing many of the classic sounds of the early rave/hardcore from the 90′s. It brings a big soundbank of 147 sampled sounds, but the good news is you can import your own samples – turning Rave Generator 2 into a sampler too. For example, in FL Studio simply drag the sample from the Browser in left and drop it into the plugin interface. You can create layers with up to 16 samples, where each of the sample modules has controls for volume, pan and tune, volume ADSR and pitch envelope. You can loop the sample, as well as process it with an “AKAIzer” (it time stretches and pitch-shifts the sound), apply a filter and/or reverse it. Old skool, baby!

    Here are all the new features as described by its authors:

    • Mac OS X, Windows and Linux compatible VST + AudioUnit version for Logic users.
    • up to 147 internal sounds;
    • sampler vs rompler: you can load your own samples!
    • you can layer samples (up to 16 sounds);
    • multitimbral: you can assign different MIDI channels to each sample;
    • editable/automatable loop points per sample;
    • tune/pan/volume + volume & pitch envelope per sample;
    • AKAIZE effect from hell for your speed garage time-stretched vooooiiiicccceees;
    • reverse, awful delay, green colors, working embedded keyboard;
    • pitch bend.

    Rave Generator 2 is available various versions for Windows (VST), Mac (VST/AU) and Linux (VST) in 32 & 64-bit, and it comes with a user guide in PDF format.

    You can download the plugin at Wavosaur blog (37.6MB ZIP, no registration required).

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