MDrummer Small Free Instrument Plugin Version 7.02

MeldaProduction’s MDrummer Large drum machine & virtual drummer has been updated to version 7.02. Same time, its little brother MDrummer Small receives an update with some exciting additions and a ton of fixes.

MDrummer Small is the stripped-down version (but fully functional) of the MDrummer Large, labeled as “the ultimate drum machine and virtual drummer”, and is available completely free. With the 500MB library of samples, multisamples, rhythms and other resources you create great drum tracks quickly. In detail, there are over 30 drumsets, 400 drumset components, 200 samples, 50 multisamples, 60 rhythms, 200 base-rhythms and 2500 loops.

The 7.02 update brings the following:

  • Added Reverse switch to MSampler.
  • Added Post-processing section to Signal generator / Advanced, which contains an additional scale, offset and wrap transformations.
  • Online preset exchange no longer creates subfolders to make things cleaner.
  • Added Remove resonances feature to MAutoDynamicEq, which sets up the bands according to highest peaks in the analysis.
  • Improved super-resolution feature in analyzers, which now avoids modifying the analysis slope.
  • Tons of fixes

You can download MDrummer Small on MeldaProduction website (VST/VST3/AU plugin for Windows & Mac and standalone application for Windows only).

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