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    Klevgrand Launches SyndtSphere Free “Sound Surfer” Synthesizer (VST/AU)


    Klevgrand has announced the launch of its SyndtSphere, a free instrument plugin for Windows and Mac, a “sphere version” of the polyphonic synthesizer Syndt.

    SyndtSphere is a unique concept. Klevgrand takes inspiration from the Scandinavian design concept where minimalism and functionality are the main factors. SyndtSphere brings an interface that emulates a spherical 3D interface. By rotating (dragging the mouse) this sphere that consists of more than 70 professionally created states (presets), you can dial your desired sound without having to deal with specific parameters.

    All the parameters are morphed according to the proximity of the different presets. The sound clues are in the preset names – you will find anything from synthesized to organic sounds. And most important, SyndtSphere allows saving the current state. In addition to the sphere, a ping-pong delay and a few more global settings are available.

    SyndtSphere AU/VST version is totally free (you will need to insert your email address). There is also an iOS version of SyndtSphere, but that costs $1.99.

    More information and download on the Klevgrand website.

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