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    TSE Audio Releases B.O.D 3 Free Bass Overdrive Effect Plugin


    TSE Audio have announced the third version of their B.O.D, free bass overdrive & enhancer effect. It is available in plugin versions for Windows and Mac, 32-bit/64-bit VST, AAX and Audio Unit.

    The B.O.D is emulating a well-known bass processing unit. If you’re in need of a good bass-tone quick, this plugin might be the solution.

    The version 3.0 comes with the following additions, changes and fixes:

    • Stereo processing support;
    • Extra oversampling options;
    • Re-modeled circuits of the entire pedal;
    • Updated GUI;
    • Fixed broken AAX support.

    Looking at the interface, there are six main rotary knobs. From left to right you can tweak the level and drive amount, also sculpt the low and high frequencies. The “Blend” knob is similar to a “Wet”, where you select the amount of effect to blend with the original sound source. And below there is a “Presence” knob, if I am not wrong it adds some color to the overall effect.

    Of course, the main targets for B.O.D are the bass sounds, it revives even the blandest sound, allowing you to set the degree of aggressiveness, equalize the lows and highs and make other subtle changes. But I found it also perfect for kick drums, especially if you’re into hardstyle, you will surely appreciate this little but very capable plugin.

    Download now B.O.D at TSE Audio website, no registration required.

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