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    The Cricket Free Kontakt Instrument by Autodafe Released (WAV’s Included)


    Autodafe has released The Cricket, a free Kontakt Instrument featuring samples recorded from a “Grillo Parlante” (Talking Cricket) game from 80’s and 90s. The game is the Italian version of “Speak & Spell”.

    The Cricket sample library for Kontakt brings all sounds from the game: the single letters, bleeps, all messages and 120 complete words, everything in the Italian language.

    There are 7 sets of samples, selectable with a menu in the upper part. Each set has all letters from A-Z mapped to white keys starting at C2. Letters are also playable by clicking on the corresponding button in the UI.

    White keys on C1 octave contain various bleeps. All sets containing words have them mapped on black keys, ranging from C#1 up to C7 or C8 octave.

    The interface has effect units including a filter, LFO with assignable routing (to pitch/filter) lo-fi, reverb, but also controls for tune and volume.

    The good news for those that don’t own a full copy of NI Kontakt is the raw WAV samples are included in the file, so you can use the sounds in the sampler or DAW of choice. The Cricket instrument works with a full copy of Kontakt, the free Player version isn’t supported.

    Download The Cricket free Kontakt instrument at Autodafe website.

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