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    Sound Machinery Releases DR.110 REDUX Free Drum Machine for Kontakt


    Sound Machinery has announced that is giving away its DR.110 REDUX, a drum machine for Native Instruments Kontakt.

    DR.110 REDUX is based on Boss DR-100 drum machine produced by the Boss product division of Roland Corporation in 1983. Sound Machinery says their instrument is a reworked and revamped version of the drum machine. You can play the original drums sounds, but you can also use the sub menus to add the slightly pitched, reworked or distorted versions of the samples. Further, you can use different parameters to shape your own sound.

    Here’s a short video walkthrough showing some drum sounds as well as some customization:

    To get your free copy of the DR.110 REDUX you will have to join the Sound Machinery newsletter, from which you will receive information about their new instruments. Keep in mind the library works with a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt.

    Download the free DR.110 REDUX Kontakt drum machine at Sound Machinery website.

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