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    SocaLabs Releases 3 Free VST/AU Instrument Plugins


    SocaLabs has announced the release of three new free VST/AU instrument plugins for Windows and Mac.

    SN76489 emulates Texas Instruments SN76489 of the Sega Master System and other consoles. It consists of 3 square wave channels and has a 3 note polyphony. The features continue with 1 noise channel with 2 types and waveform display.

    Voc is a different approach. This free instrument plugin is a “vocal” synth that emulates glottis and the shape of vocal tract. The Const parameters tighten the virtual oral cavity to change the sound, while the timbre is further shaped with Tenseness and Smoothing parameters. Any change is shown in the waveform display.

    RP2A03 emulates Ricoh 2A03 of the NTSC Nintendo Entertainment System. Its simple architecture consists of 2 square wave channels, 1 triangle wave channel and 1 noise channel. Same as the other SocaLabs plugins, RP2A03 sports a waveform display.

    All the three plugins are available in VST/AU 32 & 64-bit plugins for both Windows and Mac operating systems.

    Download SN76489, Voc and RP2A03 at SocaLabs website. No registration required.

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