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    Function Loops Releases Rolling Tech Basslines and Launches How to Create Leads Free Tutorials


    Function Loops has announced the release of Rolling Tech Basslines, a brand new collection of bass loops, MIDI’s and additional kick samples.

    Rolling Tech Basslines is a sample pack delivering 144 key-labelled techy bass loops, 12 MIDI files and, for more versatility – 24 kick loops.

    Rolling Tech Basslines will help producers get that bass sound the labels are seeking for. Produced at a top quality with both high-end analog and digital equipment, these basslines are well balanced and will sit perfectly in any mix.

    The ultimate Bass assistant with pro-sounding grooves! Rolling Tech Basslines is available now at Function Loops, priced at just $14.90.

    Function Loops has also launched a new & 100% free tutorial series for beginners, focusing on how to create lead melodies. There are two videos at this moment, both presented by talented producer Sub City.

    You will learn how to create amazing lead melodies using sample packs, respectively, how to manipulate pre-made MIDI loops and change them completely to get a new and original melody.

    The video tutorials are free at Function Loops Academy.

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