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    Function Loops Releases 77 Free Kick Samples for EDM, Trap, House & Tech (+ 50% off Sale)


    Function Loops has released a secret 50% off sale paired with a free sample pack featuring a high-quality set of kick samples. Because this news is accessible (so far) only to those who subscribed to the Function Loops newsletter, we thought to let our readers know about the event.

    Here’s a snippet from the original text sent by Edvin, the owner of Function Loops, to their subscribers:

    I would like to take a moment and say thank you for all the wishes! You are the best community I could ever wish for and I’m lucky to have you…

    To give something back, I gathered some of the favorite kicks from my personal collection and compiled Killer Kicks pack for you, absolutely free!

    Best kicks for Psytrance, Future Bass, Trap, EDM, House, Tech, Future Pop etc. I even dropped few percussions :)

    You can download the free kick samples at Function Loops website, keep in mind that a valid email will be required (the link is sent to your inbox).

    We don’t have any info about how much will last the 50% discount, which, by the way, is applicable on absolutely everything at Function Loops. That’s why, if you had/have plans to renew your collection with quality sounds, just take advantage of the sale asap. Use coupon code, at checkout: NEWBORN and the price will be sliced in half.

    Visit Function Loops and save now.

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