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    Free Style Organ Dual Model VST Instrument Plugin by VisareTone Released


    VisareTone has announced the release of Style Organ Dual Model and Rotor Style Organ, two free VST plugins for Windows.

    The Style Organ Dual Model emulates the classic rotary sound, small church or cathedral organ, heavenly voices and many expressive modern sounds.

    The instrument features nine drawbars and has adjustable key click and percussion. Other controls include harmonic intensity, delay and wide pan, scanner vibrato, chorus and ADSR envelope.

    Watch the video below to make an idea about this fantastic instrument plugin.

    VisareTone has also released Rotor Style Organ, which is an effect plugin simulating the rotary speaker bass and treble horn. The main highlights of it are precise setting of modulation for the bass & treble, simulation the Doppler effect, acceleration and deceleration time for the bass and treble rotation.

    Both plugins can be downloaded via VisareTone website (no registration required).

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