RDGAudio has announced the release of Cottage Piano Lite, a free piano instrument plugin (sample based/ROMpler) for Windows and Mac, built on a simple and easy to use architecture.

We have created Cottage Piano, a very fast and easy to load software piano plugin for your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). A new generation of piano software plugins developed by RDGAudio team.

Now you can play your favorite songs right from your PC with just a MIDI keyboard. From rock, pop, house to modern EDM and trance, Piano Cottage helps you to make better music in less time. We have designed Lite (which is FREE) + 3 additional Cottage Piano models.

Cottage Piano Lite sports a simple GUI with control for volume only and a digital level meter. The piano plugin has auto sustain, meaning you don’t need additional sustain pedal, is velocity sensitive and light on CPU.

Download Cottage Piano Lite at RDGAudio website (registration required).

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