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    279 Free Orchestral Tension Samples Released at MusicRadar


    MusicRadar has announced the release of 279 free orchestral tension samples, a new collection of sounds previously featured on Future Music magazine’s cover DVD.

    If your music is sounding a bit predictable and safe, it might be time to add some tension to proceedings, and this collection of orchestral samples gives you a great way of doing it.

    Scroll down to get your hands on some sounds that are dissonant, tense, creepy and decidedly unsettling – but in a good way, obviously.

    Once you extract the ZIP file, you will find four main folders, each of which is labeled based on the type of sounds contained within it.

    All the samples recorded in 24-bit WAV and will work in any sampler or DAW. They’re royalty-free, meaning you can use them in commercial productions too.

    Download the 279 free orchestral tension samples at MusicRadar website.

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