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    Syntler Releases Oldigy-T Free Low Bit Analog to Digital Converter (VST)


    Syntler has announced the release of Oldigy-t, a free low bit analog to digital converter effect plugin for Windows.

    Oldigy-t emulates the sound of old samplers and computers. The interface is designed in the late 80’s and 90’s style, it bears some resemblance to the vintage hardware.

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    The effect plugin is simple, with only four knobs. First is a switch that “destroys” the sound to an audio bit depth between 4 – 12. The button underneath controls the linear pulse-code modulation (LPCM) and non-uniform PCM. Next, we find a switchable adaptive noise filter with three filtering types, and the last button is for bypass.

    You download Oldigy-t at Syntler website (32-bit VST2 plugin for Windows).

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