Free MIDI Files, Sylenth & Serum Presets and Samples at Addictive EDM

Addictive EDM have announced the launch of their free downloads page filled with various presets, samples and MIDI files for modern dance music productions.

At the moment, there are four main categories of free audio files and production resources:

  • Addictive Sylenth1 is a compilation of 200 different sounds ordered in four sound banks one for leads, basses, pads and plucks. It’s useable in genres like Electro, House, and Trap.
  • Addictive Spire is exact the same thing with other sounds for sure. They are useable in genres like Electro, Trap and Future Bass.
  • Addictive Serum has the same product structure like Addictive Sylenth1 for example, but Serum has no bank, they were ordered in four folders for each type of sound.
  • Addictive Basic Chords is a collection of 635 MIDI files, which have all the same structure. Every MIDI file has four different chords which take one bar per chord in every key of major and minor. It’s a good pack for beginners because it’s very easy to create melodies out of these chord progressions.

Addictive EDM are constantly updating the free downloads with new free sound presets, MIDI files and samples, so bookmark their page.

Download the freebies at Addictive EDM website. Please note you must first create an account, the form is here.

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