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    Entropy – Free Stereo Cross-Over Delay Plugin by Cut Through Recordings


    Entropy by Cut Through Recordings Parameters is a free stereo cross-over delay plugin with parameters that can be controlled independently for each channel, to create a wide range of possible sounds.

    Entropy delay has complete control over the delay in each channel separately, but that isn’t what makes this plugin special.

    This is a stereo cross-over delay. This is a unique type of delay that delays the signal from the left channel and places it on the right and delays the signal in the right channel and places it on the left. This creates a whole new kind of delay and interesting stereo effects.

    See also: Free ATK Stereo Universal Delay VST Effect Plugin by Matthieu Brucher

    The main features of Entropy free delay are:

    • Delay up to 2000 milliseconds
    • Unique Crossover Delay Effect
    • Feedback control
    • Dry/Wet mix control

    Entropy is available as 32-bit and 64-bit VST plugin for Windows and Mac operating systems. Download it now at Cut Through Recordings website (requires add to cart/checkout).

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