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    Jeichelbaum Releases Cookin Free Additive Synthesiser VST Instrument


    Jeichelbaum has announced the release of Cookin, a free additive synthesiser VST instrument for Windows.

    Cookin is a free VST synthesizer (32-bit only) that comes with 8 cool presets. Jeichelbaum has been working on it as a weekend project, so expect a simple and quite basic instrument plugin. To get started, were added 8 presets showcasing the capabilities of the synth. With some external effects such as reverb, chorus, some compression etc, you might have some decent results. Here is a demo track created by the author himself:

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    Cookin’s schema is as follows: two oscillators with pitch, modulation and volume for each and a filter module with low, mid and high pass filter types, cutoff and on/off switch. On each oscillator you can select several basic audio wave shapes including sine, triangle and square.

    As mentioned above, Cookin is available only as VST 32-bit plugin – add its stripped down architecture, so it is up to you to decide if it worth a look/test. If you want it, download it at GitHub, just click the green button and select “Download ZIP”. Download it, extract the files and move the entire folder where you keep all your 32-bit plugins, usually C:\Program Files (x86)\VSTPlugins. To finally see it in FL Studio, don’t forget to do a plugins scan first.

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