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    Samples From Mars Releases 60 Free Drum Hits Designed with SH-101 Synthesizer


    Samples From Mars has announced the release of the Free 101 Drums From Mars, a new sample pack featuring drum sounds recorded from an SH-101 synthesizer.

    The 101 is a single oscillator, monophonic analog synth developed in the early 80s. Its lightning-fast envelopes, self-oscillating resonance and inherent overdrive make it the perfect synth for creating fresh and unique analog synth drum hits.

    To create drums from a synth can be quite difficult and at first attempt, you may think the key is external processing (compressors, etc). But in reality, external processing is secondary; the secret to creating great synth drums comes from 1. finding a synth with the right features and 2. getting creative with some modulation secrets.

    Free 101 Drums From Mars contains 60 analog synth drum hits from the classic SH101, including white noise blasts, kicks, pitch modulated subs, explosions, lasers and sci-fi tones. They are great on their own or for layering with other drums from your sample collection.

    Besides the 24-bit WAV drum shots, you will receive presets for Ableton, Kontakt and Logic, with a total size (extracted) of 60MB.

    You can download Free 101 Drums From Mars at Sample From Mars website (a valid email address is required).

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