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    Output Announces a Product That Doesn’t Make Any Sound…


    Output, a company recognised for their unusual instruments and effects built on same unusual architectures, announced on their Facebook account that they will launch soon a new product.

    So far, everything is normal, but the weirdness comes from the fact that this new product, expected for the near future, will not make any sound. They give us some indications such as “built for musicians by musicians” (the Output slogan), “it’s not a plugin” and the most important clue (?!) “it doesn’t make a single sound”…

    I could joke and say that after Rev and Movement, it’s a normal thing the follow-up to be a tool to help musicians create music in their minds or something so subtle that communicates with the musicians through telepathy.

    The comments coming from Output fans are hilarious. One says that might be a “new improved version of a human female”, other says this is a trick: “it might not make a sound but can produce a sound”… Coffee makers, fridge or studio desk are among the answers. On a serious side, some come up with hardware, especially MIDI controller or hardware sampler. I am very curious to see from you what might be.

    As we know the Output, surely this new product, whether it’s quiet or not, will make many musicians curious. In the meantime, let’s save some bucks!

    Here is the Facebook post announcing the product.

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