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    Loopcloud Gives 1GB+ Free Welcome Pack & 150 New Free Samples Each Week


    After being made available to current Loopmasters customers, Loopcloud is now available to the public.

    Download Loopcloud and receive:

    • 1GB+ FREE welcome pack.
    • 150 new free samples each week, curated by Loopmasters.
    • 100% free use of the Loopcloud service with no limitations.

    Loopcloud from Loopmasters is a new application for browsing and managing your library of sounds, adding content of your own, and effortlessly importing everything to your DAW. It connects with all your Loopmasters content acting as a “bridge” between those sounds and your DAW. But that’s not all, Loopcloud benefits of a powerful engine that lets you synchronize in real time the loops with your project tempo and key, filter the content by tag, key or BPM, it lets you drag & drop the samples straight to your DAW.

    From my experience with Loopcloud and I can say that is simply amazing, you can test various loops in real time by adjusting the tempo and the key to fit your current FL Studio project. Besides the loops, you can even play one shot samples, for example, you can set a kick drum to play in a predefined pattern throughout the project, tune its pitch, and when the result satisfies you, simply drag and drop it into the project. These are only a few applications, just download it and convince yourself by its capabilities.

    Loopcloud is available for free download (an EXE installer that is just around 10MB in size). After installing it, just connect with your Loopmasters account. Loopcloud will automatically update the content at each opening.

    Loopcloud FL Studio
    Loopcloud VST opened in FL Studio; to connect the Loopcloud software application, you must open first the VST as a usual instrument in FL Studio, then back to the app press “Connect” button.

    To use it paired with FL Studio, just open the Loopcloud VST like any other instrument plugin, then back to the Loopcloud interface click the “Connect” button at the bottom. A message saying “Connected to Fruity Loops” will be displayed. To have the Loopcloud content in the same BPM with the FL Studio project, click the “Timestretch” button. Take advantage of the powerful filtering to find your desired loops and samples. Enjoy!

    Download Loopcloud here.

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