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    DopeVST Bass Engine Is 50% off at Plugin Boutique


    Plugin Boutique has announced 50% off DopeVST Bass Engine – VST/AU instrument plugin for urban, pop, hip hop, trap and EDM productions.

    In our experience there are generally two types of bass synth, the 30Gb monsters that have twelve velocity layers on each note, multiple round robins and an unlimited number of options or the contemporary plug-ins that are aimed at electronic producers who love the real low end bass and 808 sound. Bass Engine is the brand new alternative…

    With Bass Engine we have studied the last three decades of Hip Hop production and have the selected the most representative bass sounds of that era. These basses include everything from dusty jazzy upright bass to floor shaking 808’s and everything in between.

    Here are the main highlights of DopeVST Bass Engine:

    • 300 Pre-eq’ed Hip Hop bass instruments including 20 fat 808′s
    • An unrivaled collection of the Finest USEABLE Hip Hop bass instruments ever!
    • 50 Hip Hop MIDI basslines included featuring a selection of styles and keys
    • Built in pitch, pan and volume controls
    • Built in ADSR controls
    • Includes a built-in analog style reverb
    • Ultra low CPU usage (perfect if you own a laptop/tablet / low spec PC/MAC)
    • Ultra fast patch loading (flick through patches in lightening quick times)
    • Program your basslines manually or use a MIDI/USB controller/keyboard/MPD

    DopeVST Bass Engine is 50% off at Plugin Boutique until June 25, 2017. For a limited time only, you pay only $37.65 instead of the full list price which is $75.30. For more information and purchasing options visit this page.

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