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    Wilkinson Audio Zombass 4 Virtual Instrument for Kontakt Is Free Until June 30


    Wilkinson Audio has announced that its ZomBass 4 for Kontakt is free of charge until June 30, 2017.

    ZomBass 4 is usually sold for $25 USD. Its main features are:

    • Sponsored by Warwick bass guitars
    • Warwick 5 String Corvette $$ Bass Guitar
    • Bass Guitar Virtual Instrument
    • Requires Kontakt 4 (fully updated)/5
    • D’Addario Nickel Wound Strings
    • Intelligent Alternate Picking
    • Sampled across the board from A0 (Drop A) up to E4
    • Instrument will pitch shift down to even lower tunings
    • Custom Bends Performed by Midi (Pitch Wheel)
    • Interface controlled (quickly) by midi velocity instead of (slow) key switches
    • Great for rapid prototyping/writing

    Here’s a video where the author shows how to add some realism to your basslines when using ZomBass 4:

    The included articulations are Regular Picking, Muting, Harmonics, Fret Noise, Slides Up, Slides Down, “Bow-Wow” Up/Down slide and Fret Noise.

    ZomBass 4 works with a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt. The free Kontakt Player version isn’t supported. In order to download the library, add the product to cart, then fill in the required details at checkout.

    More info & download:

    ZomBass 4 virtual instrument for Kontakt

    HighLife Samples

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    1. I`d like to view & trial your products but i can’t go for the add ons to the downloads – like Player , Zippy ,etc.
      it rubs me the wrong way
      like you’re trying to make me accept a product (Which I know nothing about) to get the download.

    2. How do i register this product , I didnt get a serial number]
      using kontact player 5 ,It worked yesterday,Today it says need to be registerd,
      i reloaded it and it works but says its in demo mode

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