Free Fetish Compressor/Limiter Effect Plugin by Analog Obsession

Analog Obsession has introduced Fetish, a free compressor/limiter effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

Fetish emulates a classic fet compressor, hence the fast attack time. Fetish is a compressor that adds punch, with a lot of character, meaning is not that transparent. It brings a discrete design with input and output stage distortion, improved input control and selectable ratio.

With its rich and warm distortion, Fetish can be used on drums, basses, vocals – basically any sound that needs bite and punch.

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Fetish compressor/limiter can be downloaded for free at Analog Obsession (4.54MB). Available formats are VST 2.4 & Audio Unit 32 and 64-bit and AAX 64-bit for Windows and Mac OSX.

More info & download:

Fetish free compressor/limiter effect plugin


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