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    Strezov Sampling Releases Thunder X3M Taiko Free Library for Kontakt


    Strezov Sampling has announced the release of Thunder X3M Taiko, a free sample library for Native Instruments Kontakt.

    Thunder X3M Taiko features the low taiko articulations (including the rimshots) from Thunder X3M (Solo Taiko patch), mapped in the X3M percussion engine. In other words, is a stripped down version of a much bigger sample library, but build on the same high-quality engine and very usable.

    The concept behind the original Thunder Series was to capture unique instrument combinations playing live – on-set mixture between timpani and toms, between Bulgarian tupans, snare drums and much more. The series was held in high regard and after some further experiments with the second volume, the third instalment even featured a 15 men percussion ensemble recorded in a big hall playing together!

    THUNDER X3M takes all three previous editions of the Thunder Series and breathes new life to the sample material by implementing a powerful engine that allows the user to manipulate and map the samples. This, along with a massive amount of brand new recorded samples, opens vast musical possibilities for every composer out there! The complete Thunder Series has been recorded with multiple Dynamic layers (up to 10) and Round Robins (up to 27 per sound).

    Thunder X3M Taiko requires the full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5+. The free Player version is not supported. As system requirements, you will need 300MB of free disk space and at least 4GB RAM to run it properly.

    In order to download Thunder X3M Taiko first add it to cart, then checkout and add your details.

    More info & download:

    Thunder X3M Taiko free sample library for Kontakt

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