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    SmackLabs Releases Free SL543 Console Compressor and SL532 Console EQ VST Plugins


    SmackLabs has announced the release of SL543 Console Compressor and SL532 Console EQ, two new VST effect plugins for Windows operating systems.

    SL543 is a VCA compressor based on the compressor module found on SSL 5000 series console. The plugin provides two modes that give the user both aggressive and subtle compression.

    As mentioned before, you can use it in two modes, Feed Forward, when its hard knee can be used to aggressively control dynamics, and Feedback Mode – its soft knee is transparent for 2-bus dynamics. SmackLabs says “this is one of those pieces of hardware that can be used on every track of your project”.

    SL532 is based on same SSL 5000 console, more precisely on its standard EQ module, and provides the features found on the original hardware. SL532 is a 3-band equalizer that can be used to shape sounds quickly in the mix.

    It also includes a “color” circuit that, when activated, adds a vintage analog feel to the sound.

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    SL543 Console Compressor and SL532 Console EQ are 32-bit VST (VST2) plugins for Windows only. The download is instant, no registration being required.

    More info & download:

    SmackLabs SL543 Console Compressor and SL532 Console EQ

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