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    Free SimpleSide Volume Curve LFO Utility by Armando Montanez Released (VST)


    Armando Montanez has announced the release of SimpleSide, a free simplified volume curve LFO utility effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

    SimpleSide is an effect plugin that uses a curve to change volume over a temp-synced period. It is like a drawable volume LFO; left click to move a point, use right click to add a point.

    The main features of SimpleSide are:

    • Adjustable rate that temp-syncs with the host.
    • Adjustable ramp-up or ramp-down for each sub-curve.
    • An unlimited number of sub-curves.
    • Wet/dry mix knob to adjust the blend of the plugin with the original signal.
    • Sample-accurate automation of rate and blend.

    SimpleSide is available as VST plugin (64-bit) for Windows and Mac. The download is instant, no registration required.

    More info & download:

    Free SimpleSide volume curve LFO utility

    HighLife Samples

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    1. This thing is garbage on FL 20.5. It will work for a while, then I get crash after crash after crash – and God help you if you try and modify a curve whilst the music is running. I’ve got a quad core with 32 gb of ram. It isn’t the PC… it’s the plugin’s relationship to FL. Sorry to say, but uninstalling now. It’s got potential but is too buggy. Put out good product, get good reviews. Don’t, and we the consumers will speak to that.

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