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    Free Acolyte Monophonic VST Synthesizer by Presto Virtual Instruments Released


    Presto Virtual Instruments has announced the release of Acolyte v1.00, a free monophonic VST synthesizer instrument for Windows.

    Acolyte is designed with “the novice synthesist” in mind, so expect a simple instrument plugin with basic modules and parameters. It is based on the classic Yamaha CS-01 analog monosynth, which over time, with the evolution of electronic music, has been transformed into a fat little bass machine with simple controls. I tested Acolyte in FL Studio and I find it also perfect for basslines, the filter is powerful enough to produce an interesting bass tone similar to that found in acid house.

    Next is a short track I made using only Acolyte (except the drums, of course). At the bass line, I linked the resonance with a MIDI controller knob to create the specific effect, also the wind noise has the frequency knob linked. On both situations I recorded the transitions live. There are 5 instances of Acolyte loaded in total. No effects were added.

    Acolyte’s architecture is simple and intuitive. We find an oscillator module with five waveforms, pitch with white noise, pulse width modulation speed, LFO modulation, fine tune and glide. The filter processor comes with frequency and resonance, as well as filter envelope and LFO modulation. Typical ADSR envelope is included, also an amplifier with two modes and global LFO speed.

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    Acolyte is available for instant download, only as 32-bit VST plugin for Windows. With jBridge, you can load it in FL Studio 64-bit without any problem.

    More info & download:

    Acolyte a free monophonic VST synthesizer

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